Error setfacl setfacl: Option -x: Invalid argument near character 3

Hi, I’m trying to change permission for a user to a subsubfolder of my nas which I mounted on linux system. I’m trying the following command to delete all permission for that user but error occurs which I don’t understand.

setfacl -x u:USER Folder\ \ subFolder\ subsubFolder/
setfacl: Option -x: Invalid argument near character 3

can someone help me?
many thanks in advance

I’m trying to help but, believe me, I do not understand how.

To obtain useful help, I can suggest to share more and more details. Examples:

  • what GNU/Linux distribution you are using
  • what is your root problem. What you are trying to do? What kind of mount system is that? What is your exact problem? (setfacl is your potential solution to your problem, but it’s indeed not your root problem. I strongly think that it’s not even the solution to something. Probably you need chmod or chown)

Thanks for any clarification

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